How To Fix a Broken Relationship

You have recently gone through a break-up and you desperately want your partner back. I appreciate that what you are feeling is very real and I sincerely believe this article will help you. Even couples who have been together a long time break-up  but they don’t necessarily have to stay separated forever. So if you are asking how fix a broken relationship, read on.

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Your first step is crucial. You must get perspective and see where you actually stand. You must have a clear and honest picture in your mind. This is difficult to do right after a break-up because it means you must clear thoughts of your partner from your mind.


Because chances are good you think about this person all the time getting your partner back has become an obsession. Obsessions, however, are usually dangerous and lead to irrational, even harmful, actions.

Remember: No one is attracted to a person who is obsessive or needy. Constant phone calls, text messages or emails will drive your partner farther away not attract them back to you. Don’t let yourself become a piece of clay in your prior partner’s hands. He or she will not respond the way you want  and you will lose all self-confidence.

Chances are you were poised and confident when you first met your ex partner. Want to know how to fix a broken relationship? Simple start by becoming the same person you were before.

Many folks believe if they act like nothing ever happened, the slate will be wiped clean and they will be given a fresh start. This doesn’t work. In fact, it often creates more problems that it is trying to solve.

Remember that you cannot control anything your partner does, but you can control what you do! True, both of you probably have areas where you need to make improvements. But you can only satisfy 50% of that equation by working on yourself. Your partner will be encouraged to make changes in themselves when they see that you are learning from your past mistakes.

By the way, it is true that you can learn important lessons from your past but you don’t want to dwell there. It is important to see things honestly but also to be practical. You must own up to any mistakes you made. And it is important to sincerely and humbly apologize. But you should never reduce yourself to pleading, begging or groveling.

When learning how to fix a broken relationship, you will find that having a detailed plan is essential. In fact, it is the best piece of advice you will get to ensure your success.

I know that what you really want to do is jump right in the middle of things and fix them immediately! But trust me that will only make matters worse. Write out a plan and stick to it!

Do you need some help coming up with a definite plan?

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